Shrimp and Cannabis Tacos

Classic shrimp tacos get the cannabis treatment courtesy infused crema and roasted tomatillo salsa with cannabis.

Kimchi Kush Tacos

Say anyong-hola-sayo-eh with these Mexican-Korean tacos served with a Canadian cannabis twist.

Fresh Burrata with Caramelized Fig, Endive and Cannabis

Burrata is fresh mozzarella filled with fresh cheese curds - yes, literally cheese within cheese. Spiked with cannabis, this deceptively easy salad is over-the-top decadent.

Hemp-Crusted, Cannabis-Infused Lobster Summer Salad

Sweet lobster is crusted with hemp and sesame seeds, plated on a complex salad of beets, pineapple, melon and mint and drizzled with cannabis oil for a refreshing twist on a summer classic.

Vietnamese Pomelo Salad with Cannabis

Experience a symphony of flavours with this simple citrus salad, a sweet and savoury treat that's a perfect side dish for your next BBQ.

Cannabis Philly Cheesesteak

Hempster's take on this classic Philly dish combines cannabis-infused cheese sauce and cannabis-infused aioli with succulent sirloin strips, crisp veggies, and a soft hoagie roll.

The Hempster Cannabis Burger

Burgers and cannabis are already one of life’s classic pairings. Take this everyday favourite a…

Sweet & Spicy Canna-Honey Chicken Wings

Our take on this classic combines the smokey heat of eastern spices with the sweetness of the infused honey.

Infused Eggs Benedict

The classic brunch staple. Take your next brunch to a ‘higher’ level with this amazing…

Spaghetti with Vegan Mushroom Cannabis-Cream Sauce

A vegan twist on a creamy fall classic pasta. Loaded with garlic and mushrooms, this…

Thai Sweet Potato and Red Canna-Curry Soup

This hearty, flavourful soup is the perfect thing to keep you warm on a cool…

French Onion Soup

This warm, hearty classic soup is made even more comforting with a cannabis infusion.

Infused Sweet Potato and Green Tomato Curry

This vegan South Asian inspired meal is full of flavour, and subtly infused with cannabis…