Cannabis Diaries

Grandmother Kathleen Miles on Her Journey to CBD, and Relief

"My doctor didn’t have much else to offer in the realm of prescription painkillers, but he did mention he knew other patients who had success using cannabidiol."

From Race Cars to Cannabis Equipment: One Woman Welder’s Fast Track Journey

"I tell my story in hopes that it empowers other women to pursue a career that may seem off-the-beaten-path but is perfect for them and helps others."

Artist Jessica Gorlicky on Creativity, Confidence and Cannabis

“Looking at the world in a slightly different light opens up new ideas.”

Canada’s First Female Cannabis CEO on Weed and Wellness

“Some of the most successful people I know are cannabis users.”

Irie Selkirk Is Cultivating a Greener Good

“Once people raise that green flag, then other people get to do it as well," says the cannabis influencer on making space for women in a male-dominated industry.

Lawyer Trina Fraser on What to Expect From the Cannabis Act

“Everyone is looking for insight into what I see coming.”

What Documentarian Trish Dolman Learned From Eight Months in a Dispensary

"Often they are at the end of the road in their medical treatment. They’ve tried prescription drugs and conventional medicine. Maybe they are on a prescription of opiate-based painkillers and they can’t stand it."

Meet Tania Cyalume, Chemist and Cannabis Community Builder

“People could come and spend the afternoon having high tea and getting to know other people.They felt comfortable saying what they were going through and what they were looking for.”

Virginia Vidal Serves Tea with Cream and Cannabis

“I wanted a product the mainstream could be comfortable with.”

How Maya Elisabeth Became Whoopi Goldberg’s Business Partner

“She really cares about showing up in the right way.”

How This Girl Changed Cannabis Laws in Delaware

"Rylie talked to the senator about how she was scared she was going to die and how cannabis had made a difference in her life."

How Jenna Valleriani Took Youth-Cannabis Education to the Senate

"There was a really big disconnect between the way I experienced cannabis use around me and the way it was being portrayed in drug-education programs or the way young people talked about using cannabis."

How a Lack of Cannabis Research Inspired Entrepreneur Stephanie Karasick

"I’d grown up in a pharmacy (my dad is a pharmacist), so I was utterly baffled by the fact that there was really no treatment protocol for this medicine."

How Lisa Campbell Convinced Her Family’s Business to “Come Out” in Cannabis

From watching moms stock up on weed edibles at her Green Market to starting a new business venture with her dad, cannabis is a family affair for Lisa Campbell. “It’s really special for me.”

How Cannabis Took Antuanette Gomez From Sex to Tech to Politics

Cannabis consultant and outgoing Women Grow president Antuanette Gomez is a woman of many talents, and passionate about mentoring women in their cannabis careers. "Every girl knows that I am always down to jump on a call and bounce some ideas if you have a project that you need some mentoring on."

Meet Sarah Bain, Accidental Cannabis Crusader

Why cannabis consultant Sarah Bain went from being the voice of the Liberal Party of Canada to foretelling the future of Canadian cannabis. “We have a really long life to work, so we better be doing something that we really enjoy.”

How a Non-Binary Comedian Found Their (Loud, Gregarious, Hilarious) Voice

Stand-up comic Chantel Marostica on cannabis, comedy, and the “unwavering support” they’ve received since coming out as gender non-binary. “Your experience makes you one in a million.”

The Sober Evangelical Right-Wing Christian Fighting for Your Right to Medical Marijuana

Self-described “serial entrepreneur” Natasha Raey is all about wellness at her spa-like health clinic Cadence. “It is my hope that the government makes medical a stream that helps patients."

Pot Culture (Finally) Comes of Age

Author and journalist Elizabeth Renzetti talks about the emerging middle-aged market for marijuana. “I think of it as the Martha Stewart-ifcation of the industry.”

Canada’s Cannabis-Cosmetics Queen

Brandi Leifso, 27, founded her beauty brand while living in a women’s shelter. Today, Evio Beauty Group announced a partnership with Sephora. “You are so much stronger than you think you are.”

How Cannabis Helps Me Cope with the Pain of Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a painful and incurable condition affecting approximately one in ten Canadian women.