Grandmother Kathleen Miles on Her Journey to CBD, and Relief

Kathleen Miles is an Arkansas native who says she only leaves the house for church and the doctor’s office. She may be an unexpected cannabinoid patient, but she is so thankful for the relief CBD has offered that she wants to share her experience.

Living in Crossett, Arkansas with her husband, Kathleen struggled with chronic pain for years. She battled with heart disease, fibromyalgia, pulmonary clotting, high cholesterol and gallbladder failure, even going through open heart surgery. Her pain was so severe she relied on her disabled husband to maintain the household, and performing her job as a hairdresser was made nearly impossible by the constant, excruciating pain.

Kathleen began a daily dose of CBD oil in February, 2018 and felt significant pain relief within the first month.

My stomach dropped when I was interrupted from preparing dinner by a call from my doctor. He told me preliminary tests showed a possible infection on my implanted morphine pump. Though I was shocked by the news, I saw the opportunity as a chance to move away from taking the harmful narcotics I’d been on for years. With my husband in the driver’s seat, I was rushed to the hospital for an impromptu surgery.

After opening me up to remove the pump, doctors found their suspicions were wrong and there was no infection, but they decided to remove the pump anyway, as it was pressing on a sensitive nerve. When I woke up and was told the pump was gone, I felt a sense of freedom and knew I needed to find a new way to treat my pain.

Before being discharged, I asked my doctor about other pain treatment options. He didn’t have much else to offer in the realm of prescription painkillers, but he did mention he knew other patients who had success using cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil.

Living on a hairdresser’s salary, I don’t have much money to spare. Hearing that CBD hemp oil wasn’t covered by my insurance left me distraught, but I was determined to find a healthier way to treat my pain.

After learning of my financial struggles, my doctor referred me to an organization called Echo Connection, which donates CBD to patients in need. He told me the organization was started in response to the lack of insurance coverage for CBD therapies, also offering education and donating to over 70 families a month with conditions from epilepsy to autism and PTSD. I immediately reached out to Echo Connection and went through the approval process and began receiving monthly shipments of CBD oil.

Once I started using the oil daily, I felt almost complete relief, to the point where I was able to come off of my daily 5mg dosage of Valium. Now I can sleep through the night and enjoy playing with my grandchildren. I feel that CBD gave me a second chance at life. Now, I hope to help others by increasing education and access to CBD for patients in need.

Kathleen Miles uses a product called HempMeds Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X (RSHO-X™), a CBD supplement made from hemp, and available in the US. Although hemp-derived CBD and cannabis-derived CBD are the same molecule, the laws around the two differ widely, with huge variations between Canada and the US, and between US states. Hemp-derived CBD will legally available in Canada once the Cannabis Act is enacted on October 17, 2018, and cannabis-derived CBD is currently available by prescription. Book a free online consultation with a Natural Care prescriber, or call 1-888-671-8022 with your questions.