Mary Jane’s Gluten-Free Cheese Sauce

The versatility of cheese sauce makes it a real crowd pleaser. You can use it as a dip, throw it on top of a platter of nachos, or smother your favourite vegetables in its gooey goodness. Plus, our cannabis-infused recipe is 100% gluten free and guaranteed to leave you feeling buzzed.

Consider adding tomatoes and sautéed chilies to turn your cheese sauce into an authentic queso dip.

Recipe by Chef Ronnie Fishman, words by Devon Scoble.

5 min
10 min


1 cup American cheese, grated (or Velveeta)

1 cup provolone cheese, grated

1 tbsp cornstarch

1/4 cup whole milk

4 tbsp cannabis-infused magic milk

¼ tsp garlic powder

1 jalapeno or Fresno chili, finely diced (optional)

salt and pepper (to taste)


Toss all shredded cheese with the cornstarch in a medium saucepan.

Cook over low heat until the cheese just begins to melt. Slowly add the milk, stirring constantly until all of the cheese is melted.

Remove from the heat, and stir in garlic powder, diced chili, and salt and pepper.

Note: Add more milk or more cheese to the sauce to get the consistency you desire.

Note: The recommended cannabis infusion dosage is a suggestion. Cannabis dosing can be complicated and is entirely based on your tolerance and desired potency. To learn why, read our guide to cooking with cannabis. Please proceed with caution by eating a portion and waiting an hour or two before any more. Enjoy!
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