Super Simple Cannabis Bath Salts

There’s nothing quite like a long soak in the tub for easing tired muscles and setting the scene for a relaxed evening at home. Add cannabis (or marijuana, or weed, if you will), and that soak benefits from the plant’s therapeutic properties, which can include anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

The science (and magic) of cannabis baths

Cannabis topicals, including bath preparations, aren’t likely to enter the bloodstream and make you feel high, but they likely do interact with your skin’s CB2 receptors, potentially soothing inflammation and pain, both muscular and neuropathic. Studies on cannabis-infused topicals are still young, and researchers are working to determine specific formulations to soothe painful and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, Huntington’s disease, and inflammatory bowel disease.

We’re glad researchers catching up to what cannabis bath lovers have been saying for years. While we wait on the science, you can find us in the tub, soaking in the magic.

Everyone experiences cannabis differently, but for us, this simple recipe makes one bath feel like ten. Soak at least 20 minutes for best results, and feel free to experiment with different cannabis oils. Different brands and formulations contain varying levels of active ingredients. CBD and THC-based oils both have therapeutic effects, as do essential oils, if you choose to add them. (Not sure what kind of cannabis oil to choose? Search our cannabis products and strains database by symptom or desired effect.)

The easiest starting point is to use what you have on hand, and play around with different combinations depending on symptoms you’d like to treat and scents you’d like to inhale. Lavender baths are known to alleviate stress, chamomile is a mild sedative, and orange essential oil has shown promise in relieving anxiety, and even PTSD symptoms. When you find a combination you can’t get enough of, post a photo to our Facebook and Instagram pages with the hashtag #cannabisbathsalts, and let us know your recipe so we can try it, too.

For the salts pictured below we used a blend of orange, chamomile, lavender and ylang ylang essential oils, and 2ml of indica-dominant prescription THC oil (just over 50mg THC, total), with heavenly results.

Super Simple Cannabis Bath Salts

Super Simple Cannabis Bath Salts

Prep time: 5 minutes

Yield: 1 bath’s worth of magic


1 cup Epsom salts

1-2 ml concentrated cannabis oil, containing 25-50mg total of CBD, THC or a combination of both

10 drops essential oil(s)


Stir the ingredients well and dissolve in a bathtub filled with warm water. Soak at least 20 minutes for best results. Once out of the bath and dry, consider moisturizing with our homemade cannabis cream.

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