5 Healthy Ways to Take Cannabis

Smoking joints is often what comes to mind when people think about marijuana, but as the plant moves into the mainstream as a health and wellness product, many are discovering healthier ways to consume it.

Here are five of our favourite cannabis consumption methods that are healthier than smoking:


Vaporizers use just enough heat to activate cannabis’s therapeutic ingredients – such as cannabinoids and terpenes – but not enough to combust the plant matter itself. This process allows users to inhale cannabis without taking in toxic byproducts like tar and carbon monoxide.

Not only is vaping healthier than smoking, it’s also more efficient, activating flavourful and therapeutic ingredients instead of burning them off. And while joints produce nothing but ash, already vaped bud, or AVB, still contains active ingredients that can be infused into oils and tinctures for further use.

Edibles and oils

Cannabis-infused oils are available by prescription from licensed producers (LPs), and can be made at home. They can be consumed as is, or used in a variety of culinary applications. The effects of oils and cannabis-infused foods – also known as edibles – tend to be stronger and longer-lasting than those of inhaled cannabis, and it’s recommended that new users start at a low dose, and increase slowly over sessions to determine the right amount.


Drinkable forms of cannabis aren’t yet legal for sale Canada, but we’ve developed a variety of ways to turn your DIY infusions into delicious smoothies, coffees, teas and mocktails. As the market matures and legalization unfolds, expect to see new products like alcohol-free cannabis beer, infused coffee pods, tonics, elixirs and teas.

Pills and suppositories

Infused oils can easily be turned into capsules at home, or purchased from a licensed producer. They can then be taken orally, or used as vaginal or rectal suppositories. Researchers are still catching up on the risks, benefits and efficacy of suppositories, so talk to your cannabis-prescribing doctor if these methods interest you.


You can rub infused coconut oil, infused olive oil or LP oil directly on your skin, or mix it them with essential oils for an easy DIY cannabis delivery method. Although the therapeutic effects of topical cannabis are not as well understood as other methods, experience suggests that topicals provide anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects without a psychoactive high.

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